Maximum Capacity (and some Mehndi)

I’m back. Unsurprisingly I’ve been neglecting my cyber life, so five countries and over 6,000 photos later blogging has become unappealing.  However I will persist and hopefully in some time in 2015 I will have caught up to my current travels.

For those of you who are unaware I’m currently living in Warsaw, Poland.  I live with a fantastic Polish family, gorge on Polish fare and make vague attempts to learn the language.  Living the dream. Now if only it would snow.

BUT before Poland came India, Oman, Dubai and Lanzarote. This weekend I hope to add some photos from my brief foray into the Ukraine (visa pending).So I’m going back to finish my Indian adventure.  Once again the sheer volume of photos is overwhelming so I’ll throw some  photos out there and see how it goes. Starting with some of mehndi or as we refer to it in the west, henna.

Mehndi is temporary skin decoration (2-3 weeks depending on the quality and treatment of the henna). It’s a must for weddings and special occasions.  You can generally find Mehndi wallahs in the markets and on specific streets however most Indian women are capable of doing their own.  Our  designs are VERY simple! Typical mehndi is very intricate and can go all the way up the arm on both sides.  The downfall is that you have to wait at least an hour for it to dry thus losing the use of your arms. As they say , India is a lesson in patience!


So it begins!


One thought on “Maximum Capacity (and some Mehndi)

  1. Emma says:

    Great bag! It was great to talk to you yesterday. After I finished my daily shot of Nietzsche I will email you the great offers I have found. Woop woop.

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